If You Haven’t Deleted Your Facebook Messenger App You Should

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Think about it, how often do you actually use your desktop computer to access Facebook? Maybe once or twice a month, but how often do you pull open the app on your smart phone? Three, four, five times a day? You’re not alone, according to Statista Facebook is the most popular US app by a wide margin, averaging over 25+ million more monthly users than it’s next closest competition.

Now if you have ever tried to send a message via Facebook through your phone you have seen the pop up that prompts you to install the Facebook Messenger App, don’t do it! If you have it delete it from your phone immediately.

Why? Because Facebook’s privacy settings make the NSA scandal look like no big deal. Here is a quick list of some of the permissions your are agreeing to by downloading the Facebook Messenger App.

Change the state of network connectivity

Doesn’t sound that bad right? Wrong you have just agreed to allow Facebook to change or alter you connection to the internet or cell service. Facebook now has the ability to turn features on or off on your phone, and doesn’t have to tell you why. Pretty scary.

Call phone numbers and send SMS messages

So Facebook can at any time for no reason decide to send a text message or call everyone in your contact list. So you’ve basically just handed your phone to a stranger and told them to have fun.

Record audio, and take pictures and video at any time

Why would they need to do this? Why does Facebook want to listen in on my private conversations? Why do they want take pictures and video of things that I don’t want recorded? Think about that the next time you are perusing Facebook on the toilet.

Read your phone’s call log, including info about incoming and outgoing calls

Do you really want Facebook knowing who you called, who called you, and how long you talked. I didn’t think so.

Read your contact data, including who you call and email and how often

Remember when everyone was an an uproar about the NSA reading all your emails? Well how do you feel knowing you just gave Facebook permission to do the same thing.

Read personal profile information stored on your device

Have addresses, personal info, pictures, video, etc. stored on your phone that you haven’t posted on Facebook? Well by agreeing to these privacy terms it doesn’t matter whether you upload them to the social network site, because they can just retrieve them off your phone.

Get a list of accounts known by phone

That’s right thanks to this new messenger app, Facebook now has your email login, your bank login, your twitter login, your itunes login, and anything else they decide to take. Some people call that identity theft.

For now if you want to send a message on Facebook the app is optional, but shortly you wont have the option. So stop sending messages on Facebook via your phone. Better yet just stop using the feature all together.

We here at Jack have deleted our Facebook messenger app, and implore you to do the same. Let this be a reminder that the internet can be a dangerous place, and that you should always read the fine print before downloading, installing, or updating any app that wants to collect your personal data.

RELATED: How To Make Sure The Facebook App Isn’t Eating Up Your Data Usage!


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