Sklar Brothers, “We Were Very Influenced…By The Beastie Boys”

Billy Kidd interviewed Randy and Jason Sklar the twin brother comedy team about their new Netflix comedy special, “What Are We Talking About.”

Jack Interviews: The Sklar Brothers

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In the interview the Sklar brothers talked about their special and it’s unique style. Saying, ” We decided to treat our special like an NFL playoff game. So we got Rich Eisen…and a couple of NFL players…and they all sat around and broke down our comedy.”

Adding that it really, “Sets this special apart from others.”

They also touched on their unique comedy style, “We’re different…we want it to be organic and being twins is this organic thing where there isn’t ┬áthis power struggle where one person is so much more dominate.”

“A lot of our stuff is born out of improvised moments…we try to walk the line between stand-up and sketch,” They said.

Adding, “Sometimes it’s just the two of us tag teaming stories…we were very influenced…by the Beastie Boys they had such a brilliant mix of comedy and showmanship.” Saying that their brand of stand up is, “unlike anything else in comedy.”

The brothers also touched on their thoughts on NBA Playoffs, hockey, and how they create opportunities for themselves in Hollywood. Listen to the whole interview in the audio above.

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