Jeff Kober Compares ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Experiences In Jack Interview

Billy Kidd talked to Jeff Kober who played Joe in the latest season of ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC, as well as Jacob Hale Jr. on FX’s ‘Sons Of Anarcy.’ In the interview Kober compared his experiences on the two shows.

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Saying, “‘Walking Dead’ is more of a group experience…But the ‘Sons Of Anarcy’, the mayor is a lonely character. The lonely soul. He comes and goes.”

Kober opened up about his experiences on both shows saying that working on ‘The Walking Dead’, “was a lot of fun…because if you really accept the premise of the show, it’s like okay the world as you know it is over. What are you going to do? How are you going to deal with that? That’s a real basic human question.”

On the death of his character this season Kober said he won’t soon forget it. “I’ve died on a lot of shows but that was a very special death.”

‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ aren’t the only shows that Kober has worked on over the years. He also has made appearances on Fox’s “New Girl” as Remy the landlord. “New Girl is so much fun, but…he’s kind of just that character in the wrong place. The same character I played on ‘The Walking Dead’ or on ‘Sons Of Anarchy’, just put him in a basement and give him a janitors role.” Adding that Remy is a “funny character.”

For the first time China Beach, in which Kober played Sgt. Evan ‘ Dodger’ Winslow, is available on DVD. “It’s a good show…it was really innovative in terms of how television tells stories…it was important because it was a part of the national healing that had to take place around Vietnam.”

Hear more of what Jeff Kober had to say in the interview above.

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