Teacher In Trouble For Duct-Taping Mouths Of Talkative Students

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(Photo by KIRILL KUDRJAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by KIRILL KUDRJAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images)

When your dealing with a classroom full of students, sometimes you have to come up with creative ways to get your message across. A popular teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia is being reprimanded for putting duct-tape over the mouths of chatty students in her classroom.

Margo Fowler, a math teacher at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, is popular among her students as her RateMyTeachers.com score would suggest, and she is described as “helpful,” “entertaining,” and “Just. Plain. Awesome.” However, The B.C. Teacher Regulation Branch is reprimanding the beloved teacher for her unorthodox solution to quieting talkative students.

Huffington Post reports that Fowler was involved in three separate incidents where students mouths were duct-taped, a move the Teacher Regulation Branch says broke professional standards. One incident involved an 8th grader who was given an ultimatum of going to the school office or having duct-tape put across his mouth, and he chose duct-tape.

Fowler’s students are standing up for their teacher as the branch hands down a reprimand for professional misconduct. Many of her students are calling the discipline unfair.

One student says, “I don’t think that she meant it at all in an aggressive manner. It was more of just a joke.”

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