Celebrate National Sword Swallowing Day

(Photo by Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

This upcoming Saturday is National Sword Swallower Day, so you know what THAT means right?!

What do you mean National Sword Swallowing Day ISN’T on your calendar?!

Well, here’s the plan…

We’re all going to meet at Ripley’s Believe It or Not and swallow swords!

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!

Actually, if you’re a little rusty with your sword swallowing, you can just watch everyone else do it, so go here to get all the details.

But be sure you get your tickets to Jack’s Throwback Show on May 11th first!

We’ll have LOADS of tribute bands, but no swords or sword swallowing…

You’re kidding, right?!

We can’t even use the BIG KID scissors!

Slice and dice and click on that player below:

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