5 Weird Valentine’s Gifts, Or Best Valentine’s Gifts?

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Some people get creative and sometimes just plain wacky with their Valentine’s Day gifts. If you and your significant other have a sense of humor, here are some odd, weird, wild, and wacky gifts to give for Valentine’s Day.

LuV U Periodic Table Pillow – If your love is a geek or science nerd, they’ll love this elemental pillow that reminds them how much you love them at an atomic level.

Fork Bracelet – Fork over your heart with a unique piece of jewelry made out of tableware.

Sholdit – This clever purse-in-a-scarf provides hands-free fashion. Guys will never have to hold a purse again!

iOpener – Nobody wants to have to put down their iPhone to open a bottle. This clever iPhone case comes with its own bottle opener.

Scrabble Cookies – Throw a word game into your love game with some homemade words-with-cookies. A little message in icing might help you triple word score some points with your significant other.

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