Man Sets Out To Build Life-Size Replica Of Millennium Falcon

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Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

There are nerds and then there are the super fans that take it to the next level.

A man in Tennessee recently bought 88 acres of farmland to embark on a fan project of intergalactic proportions, to build a true-to-life replica of the Millennium Falcon. You know, Han Solo’s iconic spaceship from Star Wars that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs.

Ultimate Star Wars fan Chris Lee confesses that he’s lost his mind to undertake the ambitious construction project. He bought 88 acres of farmland on which he will build a 144-foot Millennium Falcon.

The life-size reproduction will be big enough for people to walk around in. It will feature accurate dimensions, sound effects, lighting, and even the Djarik holographic chess table. The only thing it won’t do is have working weapons or fly. No Kessel runs or jumps to light speed for this Falcon.

For this project to get any traction, it’s looking to Star Wars fans to help fund the construction by donating to Fans can keep up with the progress of the Millennium Falcon’s construction process.

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