New Record, 28 Women In One Mini Cooper

28 women from England set out to set a new world record for the most women to fit into a Mini Cooper.

Metro is reporting that the women were gymnasts from Sussex, England. Last year the group attempted to shove 27 women into the tiny car, and learned a lot from that try.

“While we have not quite been able to fit any of the girls into the Mini’s glove box, there is a surprising amount of space to utilise,” Organizer Dani Maynard told the Metro.

Training for the record breaking attempt included extra stretching and hula-hoop relay racing.

It took 10 minutes to fit all the women in the car with all the windows and doors shut for at least 5 seconds.

“I popped 28 women, not quite as easy as it sounds, but I put 28 women in that car to break the world record yet again for Britain,” Maynard said after the event.

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