Robbery Averted By Language Barrier

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Photo by Stephen Munday/Getty Images

Photo by Stephen Munday/Getty Images

Important information for would be robbers out there, not everyone understands, “Empty the cash register!”

Three masked gunmen in Florida found that out the hard way. The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that three men attempted to rob a Chinese restaurant, but the three employees inside only understood Cantonese.

Because they didn’t understand, they did not comply with the thieves demands.

Apparently at one point one of the masked men allegedly put a gun to an employee’s head while the others repeated banged on the cash register.

Police say at one point a shot was fired, but believe it to have been an accident.

The gunmen were eventually forced to flee the scene empty handed, but have since been found and detained.

No one was injured in the robbery attempt, and charges have not yet been filed.

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