Arlington Woman Suing Police Over Busted Breast Implant

An Arlington woman, Rebecca Van Hooser, is claiming that a police officer burst her breast implant by using excessive force when he was arresting her during a traffic stop.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram is reporting that Van Hooser was pulled over by a Pantego police officer for driving with her headlights off, when he discovered she had a warrant out for her arrest for an unpaid speedingĀ  ticket.

Van Hooser is claiming the officer told her to get out of the car, then kicked her legs apart and pinned her right arm behind her back so hard that her right breast implant ruptured.

When Van Hooser screamed out in pain the officer allegedly told her, “You’re not supposed to be comfortable.”

Van Hooser’s attorney Susan Hutchison had this to say about the incident, “They hadn’t seen anything like it. She was told that it would take a tremendous amount of force for that to happen. Alvarez (the arresting officer) violated Van Hooser’s right to be free from unreasonable seizure of her person when Alvarez unjustifiably used force excessive to the need in the arrest of Van Hooser. Alvarez’s actions were objectively unreasonable and violated Van Hooser’s rights to life and the integrity of her person.”

You can read more about the arrest HERE.


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