It Took 18 Cops To Save A Drowning Blow Up Doll In China

Eightteen police officers in China’s Shandong Prvince worked together to save what they thought was a drowning woman, but turned out to be a inflatable sex doll.

The incidendent happened earlier this month when officers responded to a report that there was a lady in distress in one of the province’s rivers.

According to Digital Journal, the crew worked for nearly an hour to resuce the woman in a process that attracted a crowd of nearly 1,000 onlookers.

It took more than 40 minutes for officers to recover the adult toy.

After discovering thewoman was infact a doll, officals presented it to the crowd, who quickly dispersed, according to Rocket News 24.

No word in the reports on how the doll wound up in the river, but Shandong is one of the largest producers of Sex toys in China, and they supply them world wide.


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