“Swamp People” Star Dead In Louisana

Mitchell Guist, star of History’s hit reality show Swamp People, has died.

TMZ is reporting that Guist was out on his boat when he fell into the water appearing to be suffering from a seizure at the time.

911 was called to the scene and Guits was transported to a nearby hospital, but the bearded alligator-hunger had already died.

Mitchell along with his brother Glenn were born raised, and still lived in the same house that their grandparents lived on the Conway Bayou in Louisiana. The Guist brothers believed in living off the land, and would hunt, trap, and fish almost every meal they ate.

Swamp People is currently airing season 3 every Thursday at 8:00pm on History.

  • Mari and Tito Avila

    Our most sincere condolences to the family. May he rest in peace.

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