Jack’s Top 5 80s Music Videos

Remember when MTV played music videos… and ONLY music videos? Yeah, we don’t either, that was like a long time ago. We’re told it was called the 1980s and Jack wants to take you down memory lane and share with you his five all-time favorite music videos from that magical decade.

That, and to remind you all that MTV ACTUALLY PLAYED MUSIC VIDEOS!

#5 [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Robert Palmer[/lastfm]-“Simply Irresistible” (1988)

Come on… do we really have to say why this is on Jack’s Top 5 list? No, not because it’s a great song… well that too. The um… background dancers… would become a Robert Palmer staple in the 80s. The video features the leading “supermodels” and dancers of the day and was styled in the manner of artist Patrick Nagel. We had our choice between this or “Addicted to Love” and this one came out victorious. That Robert Palmer really had a thing for brunettes, didn’t he? Thanks to him… so does Jack.

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