Chances At $1000 Eight Times Every Weekday

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We’ll give you the times throughout the day, and if you’re the 110th nationwide caller, you win!

The number to keep handy is: 1-866-E-A-S-Y-W-I-N.

That’s 1-866-327-9946 if you’re incredibly lazy and don’t want to find the little letters on your phone.


Jack’s got another chance for you to win a thousand bucks coming up.

And then another chance to win after that.

And then ANOTHER chance to win after.

You don’t want me to keep going, do you?

We mean, you get the point.

A thousand dollars.

[photogallerylink id=39309 align=right]

Don’t go anywhere.

Oh, unless you want to go to one of these Mavs game because they’re playing at home all week.

Mavs are at the American Airlines Center tonight to play the Washington Wizards and then they’re back on Thursday & Saturday.

Look for those tickets at



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