Ted Nugent, “Obama Is An Anti-American Monster”

This is why you have to love Ted Nugent, he speaks his mind and he isn’t afraid of what people think of him. So when he came on for a radio interview in Phoenix he was no different calling Obama an “Anti-American Monster.”

He also suggested that the Republican candidates are lacking, “Balls’.

Recently the rocker has said that, “The whole world sucks, but America still sucks less,” adding, “But with this administration, we are catching up.”

So clearly he’s not an Obama fan, but interestingly enough he doesn’t really seem to like any of the Republican candidates either.

Although he did praise them some, Nugent said that the GOP candidates had no “balls” and added that it was time for them to get, “tough”.

Some other interesting things in the interview:

Nugent said that having Tim Geithner as Secretary of The Treasury is like having Jeffrey Dahmer, “in charge of a children’s playground.”

He called the government officials, “American hating maniacs.”

And he said that, “welfare is slavery”

I bet Ted is a nice, well rounded, down to earth individual.

You can hear the entire interview HERE.

Warning some graphic language.

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