Texas Outdoor Family Workshop At Cedar Hill State Park

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11 10 campers Texas Outdoor Family Workshop At Cedar Hill State Park


It’s happening for the “camping newbees” on Saturday.

Careful not to wipe with the poison ivy.  Ewww.

Do you like the idea of camping, but don’t want to admit that you can’t set up a tent? Or that you’re deathly afraid of raccoons? Or that the whole outdoor potty thing is just too much for you? Then you should take the Texas Outdoor Family Worhshop this Saturday at Cedar Hill State Park.

The Park Rangers will be there to show you the trails & take you kayaking, but best of all, they’ll camp nearby & help you set up your tent.

OH, and you’ll be close enough to the restrooms to avoid a late-night-potty-break-raccoon encounter. Unless it follows you into the restroom, in which case, you’re on your own. Pretty fool-proof otherwise.



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