Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

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haunted places dfw 385w Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

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Dallas/Fort Worth has its share of haunted places and legends.

Here are some of the stories we found most intriguing.


hells gate2 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

River Legacy Park – Hells Gate – It’s a long trail with swamps on either side and shaded over by large trees.

At the end of the trail is a large mound of dirt and two fence posts that were once a gate.

As it is said this was the trail walked by captured spies of the union army on their way to be hung.

This gate was the last thing they saw before being led to the tree that stands beyond the gate where they died.

Walking the trail one can still hear the sobs and whispered prayers of the men and some women who walked there last steps here.


ghost annie1 Haunted Places In The Dallas And Fort Worth Area

Six Flags Over Texas – In the Texas section next to the entrance of the “Texas Giant” is a yellow candy store.

It is the oldest building in the park.

It was said that in the early 1900’s a young girl (8 or so) drowned in Johnson’s Creek.

She supposedly can be seen walking the railroad tracks or in her room in the yellow house turning the light on and off or opening the curtain and then closing it.

Security guards at night also have problems locking the upstairs door because “ANNIE” feels playful.


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